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What can be expected during your massage in Hatfield


Before your Hatfield Massage

Your holistic massage begins with the first consultation, as it’s an opportunity for your Hatfield massage therapist to get an overall idea of your health, what you expect out of your treatments, and any medical conditions that may need to be taken into account during your treatments. By using this information, your massage therapist in Hatfield can devise a treatment plan that suits you individually, and will discuss this in depth with you before treatment begins.

During your Hatfield massage

Once the treatment plan is agreed upon, your massage therapist will wait outside the room until you’re undressed and ready to begin the massage. If you need assistance with getting up on the table, your Hatfield massage therapist would be more than happy to help.

The treatment room is completely about relaxation, with warm temperatures, pleasing smells, and music if you prefer. You are encouraged to use the time to let go and de-stress. Massage therapy is traditionally done onto bare skin, and the therapist will only expose the portion currently being worked, but if you prefer all techniques can be performed through clothes as well.

Talk will be kept to an absolute minimum during the treatment, interrupted only to check that pressure and technique is suitable. The oil we use is perfume-free and hypoallergenic, as well as acceptable for individuals with nut or gluten allergies.

After your treatment

Your massage therapist in Hatfield will leave the room after your treatment to allow you to dress before discussing aftercare recommendations and future treatment options. Life can be hectic and add to your ever-growing stress, which is why we aim to offer practical ideas than can be added to your daily routine. And with your treatment plan in place and future therapy appointments, you can be on your way to a more stress-free way of life.

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