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Remedial Massage - Mid Herts Injury Clinic in Hatfield

Hatfield Remedial Massage – What is it?

Remedial massage is one of the deepest-reaching and most effective massage techniques for treating chronic pain and injury. It’s optimal for musculoskeletal injury, whether through posture, trauma, or sports. Remedial massage works through a deep manipulation of the connective tissues which helps relieve both chronic and acute muscular pain, increase movement, improve blood and lymph circulation, and promotes relaxation, which has both physical and mental benefits.

Remedial massage technique is founded on the principle of how soft tissue responds to touch and manipulation. Most pain is based in the soft tissue, yet can refer pain to other locations and mimic other chronic conditions, making pinpointing of the source of the pain difficult. Once found, however, remedial massage aims to manipulate the muscle tissue, breaking up any adhesions, and relaxing the tension.

What Can Remedial Massage Treat?

Like most types of massage technique, the applique of remedial massage in Hatfield can serve to relieve pain from any number of causes or sources. Injury is typically a big cause for seeking massage therapy, such as sports injury, accident, or fall, as well as RSI and postural issues. Specific musculoskeletal conditions also benefit from remedial massage, such as spondylitis, arthritis, muscle atrophy, fibrositis, etc.

Yet any form of musculoskeletal pain and discomfort can be a valid reason for seeking remedial massage. This massage technique uses manual manipulation of both superficial and deep tissue, quite similar to the technique of sports massage. These techniques are used to realign the body’s muscles, improve circulation, and break up any adhesions that may have formed.

Consultation and Your First Appointment With Your Hatfield Remedial Massage Therapist

Colin King has over a decade of experience in running his own sports injury and remedial massage clinic. Your first appointment will be dedicated to the consultation, so Colin King can get a better idea of what areas are affected by the pain and where the pain is originating from. All of your past medical treatment will be taken into account, and an extensive treatment plan will be put into place, which is likely to not only include the massage treatments, but also exercises you can regularly incorporate into daily living to help improve mobility and reduce pain.

If you would like to book a consultation with Colin King, give us a call on 01707 260399 today!