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Injury Prevention - Mid Herts Injury Clinic in Hatfield

As with anything, the best injury treatment is prevention of the injury in the first place. Whilst massage therapy can treat a number of ailments and injuries, there is simply no substitute to taking proper care of your body, muscles, and bones as to avoid the need for treatment altogether. Here are just a few tips for preventing injury:

  • Don’t overdo it! Exercising outside the limits of what you’re capable of is one of the biggest causes of injury. When you push your muscles to fatigue they perform poorly, both at protecting the surrounding connective tissue and itself, which increases the risk of damage to the muscle itself, as well as the surrounding bone and ligaments.
  • Weak muscles – Many injuries are the result of weak muscles that are not capable of handling the rigors of your physical activity. Oftentimes injury comes from a sudden uptake of physical activity that is beyond your capabilities.
  • Train evenly – muscular imbalance can lead to injury, it’s important that you train your entire body, not just targeted areas.
  • Always stretch – Never skip warming up or cooling down when training, it’s crucial you treat your muscles right!
  • Know your limits – Never train beyond your current skill level. Always build up your training gradually.
  • Use correct technique – Technique during training is crucial to muscle, joint, and bone wellbeing. Personal trainers can assess your form and help correct any bad habits.

As a long time sports massage therapist, Colin King of Mid Herts Clinic would be happy to meet for a consultation, where advice and guidance can be given with specificity to your particular activity.