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Deep Tissue Massage in Hatfield

Deep soft tissue massage is a special category of massage technique that aims to realign the deepest most levels of connective tissue and muscle. This technique is often and effectively applied to chronically tense / stressed areas of the body, such as the back, neck, and shoulders. Colin King of Sports Massage Hatfield offers deep tissue massages for both sports enthusiasts and sufferers of chronic back and neck pain. Using much of the same motion as traditional massage therapy, deep tissue massage employs slower motions and deeper pressure concentrated solely on the locale of your pain and tension.

Colin King Explains How Deep Soft Tissue Massages Work

Bands of rigid tissue known as adhesions can form in ligaments, muscles, and tendons that are regularly tight with tension or subjected to repeated sports related strain and injury. These adhesions not only are the cause of the pain that caused you to seek massage treatment in the first place, but they can also block circulation, adding to your pain and potentially damaging tissue by cutting off the blood supply.

Colin King works with a deep soft tissue massage in Hatfield by physically destroying these adhesions, restoring normal movement and relieving you of pain. In order to do this, Colin King uses deep, direct pressure at the site of the pain along with applied frictions across the muscle grain.

It remains important, however, to always tell your massage therapist if you experience any pain or discomfort during the massage, and there may be some lingering pain or stiffness for a day or two following the massage, and Colin King recommends applying ice packs to the stiff areas in the meantime.

The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage in Hatfield

Research has shown that deep tissue massages are more effective pain relief than many other traditional options, including medication, chiropractic, exercise, and physical therapy. Fibromyalgia sufferers consistently state deep tissue massage is the best option for relieving pain and recouping mobility.

The benefits of the Hatfield deep tissue massage don’t end there, however. Deep tissue massage is great for not just chronic pain but also is quite effective in restoring mobility, healing injury and repetitive strain such as carpal tunnel, correct posture, ease muscular spasm, and much more.

Reputable Sports Massage Therapist in Hatfield – Colin King

If you are looking to schedule a deep tissue massage for help with a sports injury or any other source of aches and pains, Colin King has over a decade of experience running his own clinic. Call us in Hatfield today on 01707 260399 for a no obligation consultation.