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Back Injury - Mid Herts Injury Clinic in Hatfield

Most people have suffered from back pain or injury at some point in their adult life. Our spine and back muscles are responsible for holding upright our entire being, for pivoting the body during change in direction, and fulfil so many other roles that injury is often all too easy to bring upon ourselves.

Fortunately, massage therapy techniques can often help relieve or remove pain and help you get back to leading a normal life, free of pain. Back pain can be either acute or chronic, each with their own causes:

Acute Back Pain and Injury

Back injury and acute pain are more easily described, treat, and understand. The pain is normally the result of an injury, comes on quickly in relation to a specific activity. Some common causes of acute back pain are:

  • Major injuries: including events like car accidents, sports injury, and falls, to name a few. In many cases, massage therapy can help you recover from major injuries, at least in some part, but possible treatment options will be largely based on the severity of the damage.
  • Pain resulting from poor posture: Bad posture as a result of sitting for prolonged periods of time or slouching can temporarily misalign the muscles in the back, causing pain.
  • Pain from lifting: Lifting, more importantly lifting improperly, is one of the main causes of acute back pain.
  • Over stretching: Stretching or exercising improperly can misalign muscles from bending, twisting or stretching awkwardly.
  • Pain from lung conditions: prolonged couching can cause spasms within the back.

Acute back pain tends to be temporary and is easier to diagnose and treat than long term pain.

Chronic Back Pain

Long term chronic back pain can often be a complex issue involving not just the muscle, but also nerves, bones, and connective tissue. Oftentimes this makes chronic pain difficult to pin down for both location and cause. As every bone, muscle, and joint is interconnected through fascia, tendons, and nerves which wire everything back to the brain. As such, chronic back pain isn’t usually the cause of one factor, but many, and different in each patient.

Much like acute back pain, chronic back pain often starts as an injury to the back muscles or spine. Injury is often compensated for by surrounding muscles and tendons, which can further strain those muscles through improper use.

Book a Consultation with a Hatfield Massage Therapist

Colin King of Mid Herts Clinic has over ten years of experience running his own clinic and specializing in many causes of both acute and chronic muscular pain. For first time patients, the first visit will be an extensive consultation where you will cover your previous medical history and your experience with your back pain. Once a cause can be pin pointed, a treatment plan will be discussed which could be a combination of massage therapy and exercise, whatever suits your injury best.

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