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Treatments - Mid Herts Injury Clinic in Hatfield

Deep Soft Tissue Massage – Deep soft tissue massage is a special category of massage technique that aims to realign the deepest most levels of connective tissue and muscle. This technique is often and effectively applied to chronically tense / stressed areas of the body, such as the back, neck, and shoulders. Colin King of Sports Massage Hatfield offers deep tissue massages for both sports enthusiasts and sufferers of chronic back and neck pain. Using much of the same motion as traditional massage therapy, deep tissue massage employs slower motions and deeper pressure concentrated solely on the locale of your pain and tension.

Sports Therapy – Sports therapy is a type of healthcare specifically focused on the prevention of injury and rehabilitation from injury as it relates to sports and exercise. The aim of traditional sports therapy is to return the patient back to a pain-free, full mobility existence using sports injury massage along with other muscle and mobility techniques.

Physical Therapy – Physical therapy is a special type of medical treatment aimed towards two goals: 1. Increased mobility and 2. Decreased pain. With a wide variety of applique, physical therapy can treat a number of ailments and injuries, help an individual recover from surgery, help make daily tasks (such as walking, going up and down stairs, etc) easier, and ease the pain that often comes with many of these restrictions.

Sports Massage – Sports massage has been traditionally as a medical technique used to help prepare both professional and amateur athletes for a big performance or to recover from one afterwards in order to help their bodies perform optimally. The main focus of this type of massage is prevention of injury and recovery from injury to the tendons and muscles.

Back Injury – Most people have suffered from back pain or injury at some point in their adult life. Our spine and back muscles are responsible for holding upright our entire being, for pivoting the body during change in direction, and fulfil so many other roles that injury is often all too easy to bring upon ourselves. Fortunately, massage therapy techniques can often help relieve or remove pain and help you get back to leading a normal life, free of pain.

Injury Prevention – As with anything, the best injury treatment is prevention of the injury in the first place. Whilst massage therapy can treat a number of ailments and injuries, there is simply no substitute to taking proper care of your body, muscles, and bones as to avoid the need for treatment altogether.

Remedial Massage – Remedial massage is one of the deepest-reaching and most effective massage techniques for treating chronic pain and injury. It’s optimal for musculoskeletal injury, whether through posture, trauma, or sports. Remedial massage works through a deep manipulation of the connective tissues which helps relieve both chronic and acute muscular pain, increase movement, improve blood and lymph circulation, and promotes relaxation, which has both physical and mental benefits.