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What can be expected during your massage in Hatfield

Before your Hatfield Massage Your holistic massage begins with the first consultation, as it’s an opportunity for your Hatfield massage therapist to get an overall idea of your health, what you expect out of your treatments, and any medical conditions that may need to be taken into account during your treatments. By using this information,

The Amazing Benefits of Massage

From lowering your blood pressure and heart rate to assisting your body in healing after injury, massage has varied and wide reaching effects. With regular treatments coupled with healthy lifestyle choices such as exercise and meditation you can greatly improve your mentality, health, and overall wellbeing. When we reduce our stress levels through massage therapy

Hatfield Massage Therapy – The Dreaded Muscle Knot

Most have suffered from the dread muscle knot in the back and shoulders at some point in their life. The go to technique for many is to simply give it a rub, which may in fact be our bodies’ way of hinting a massage is needed. And you may also be familiar with the bliss