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About Massage Therapy for Mid Herts, St Albans, Welwyn & Hatfield - Mid Herts Injury Clinic in Hatfield


Colin King is a massage therapist specialising in sports and remedial massage. King’s clinic is located in Hatfield, Herts and was originally founded by his father until it became his to manage in 1999. Although specializing in sports and remedial massage, Colin King has over a decade of experience in many different types of massage technique, including: physical therapy, sports massage, deep soft tissue massage, etc. In addition to applying these techniques to clients to help relieve pain and heal injury, Colin King also consults with clients on exercises and techniques they can continue in their own homes to help prevent injury in the future.

King has years of experience with all types of clientele, including sports obsessed youngsters, stressed business women, over worked house husbands, professional sports people, very amateur sports people, keen gym addicts, pregnant women, Wii enthusiasts, and pensioners, who rightly refuse to give up whatever they enjoy doing.

If you regularly suffer from chronic musculoskeletal pain or have been a victim of recent injury, call the Mid Herts Clinic today for a no obligation consultation. Colin King will take as much time as required to assess your physical ailments and develop a treatment plan that is unique to you and your injury. Call today!